Multi Party System

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What makes up an election is dependent on the various options the people have of choosing from. In politics, more parties means more opinions, which means more options for those who chose to vote. This can be seen as a constructive thing as the voter can decide from various opinions between the political parties. Or quite possibly deconstructive as having various dominant parties has a much higher chance of leading to a minority government, depending on how the countries system works. In Canada, there are many parties that have the ability to run, however only five of them are ever in the picture. They consist of, Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, Bloc and the Green party. As previously mentioned, this allows for various opinions but can also be deconstructive due to the possibility of a minority government. …show more content…
Although Canada’s multi-party system has its potential flaws, it still proves to be superior over that of the United States. This is due to the fact that having multiple parties allows for fluctuation between left leaning, right leaning and more neutral governments. This is much more applicable then the American system who really only have two options. The republicans who are on the far right, and democrats who are solid left, meaning there is no political party that is anywhere near the centre. Options in an election is what gives the system purpose. Although Canada’s multiple party system show few flaws, it still proves to be much more efficient then that of the United States. Another example that reinstates this argument lies in the subtopic of who watches over the

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