Multi-Generational Workforce Essay

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Today’s working environment has experienced a major transformation over the last decade, particularly in terms of population diversity in the workforce. There are currently four main generations dominating the workforce, they are made up of Silents, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y. It is expected that in the coming decades there will be further changes with emergence of newer generations, and slower removal of older generations from organizations as pension age increases. Understanding differences between the generations, and learning to adapt their management practices is critical to building a successful multigenerational workplace. I would like farther explain each generation’s attributes and their effects on the workforce. …show more content…
Generation X is the generation born after the Western post-World War II Baby Boomers between approximately 1965 and 1980. The Generation X, and even in our first enthusiasm we realized that we had something far bigger than our talents and pockets could cope with."
This generation of workers were brought up in the shadow of the influential Boomer generation and as a result, are independent, resilient and adaptable. In contrast to the Baby Boomers who live to work, this generation works to live and carry with them a level of cynicism. They prefer freedom to manage their work and tasks their own way. They consider a job to be just that, and are comfortable questioning authority. Coming out of and during the recession, there has been a significant shift in Gen X moving to management roles. Perceptions of Gen X managers are high according to an online survey published by Ernst & Young. Out of 200 people, 57% of respondents believed that Gen X displayed each of the survey’s positive characteristics and were thought to be best at managing through difficult times.
The Y generation, also referred to as "Millennials" were born around 1980 to 1995. They have been described in a report published by United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund as the next big generation after the Baby Boomers. They were raised during the good time or empowerment years and are the first generation to grow up with computers and the

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