Multi Agency Working And Integrated Working Essay

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Multi agency working and integrated working is important as children in their early years may have a range of needs and this holistic approach, which is an important part of the government frame work known as Every Child Matters, allows early years settings to respond to the wider needs of young children and their families to improve outcomes for children in both their learning and development.

1.2 Analyse how integrated working practices and multi agency working in partnership deliver better outcomes from children and young people

If all professionals working with the children and their families are sharing information and following the same plan and assessment then this will lead to a better outcome for the child. If important information, such as a new approach to combating bad behaviour, is not shared the child may not achieve their potential.

1.3 Describe the functions of external agencies with whom your work setting or service interacts

The function of external agencies is to help ensure that children have the best possible start. One of these agencies is the Behavioural Support Service, who work within a framework of inclusion and aim to promote positive behaviour. Another agency are Health Care Professionals which could include speech and language specialists or health visitors. These professionals support individual children and families and their help involves health screening. There are also educational psychologists who support children with specific learning…

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