Muhammad : The Last Prophet Essay

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Summary The animated film, Muhammad: the Last Prophet portrays the history of Islam with simplicity and potency. It illustrates the beginning of Muhammad’s ministry and his profound effect on the people of Mecca. Paganism and idolism were hugely predominant in Mecca, possibly influenced by neighboring countries like Egypt. As the religious leaders began to indulge in the pilgrimages and worship of the people, Muhammad went to pray in the wilderness. He claimed, according to his revelations in the Quran, to have been visited by the angel Gabriel, who instructed him to read and told him that he was a messenger of God. As Muhammad spoke out against paganism, preaching of the monotheistic Allah, conflict was seemingly ever present for the Muslims that followed him. They suffered persecution, extensive boycotts, were martyred, fled their homeland and were always threatened by starvation and war. Yet they managed to survive and eventually converted Mecca to Islam. Today, Muslims make up nearly a fourth of the world’s population, still preaching that, “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is His prophet.”
Curiosity and Questions I found it very curious that the religion of Islam recognizes Jesus as a great prophet and a servant of God, and even acknowledges His miraculous birth as the combination of God’s spirit and the Virgin Mary, but does not concur with His divinity as the Savior and Redeemer of mankind. This raised many questions for me about how Muslims could…

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