Mudbound Movie Analysis

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Mudbound Analysis

The movie Mudbound was first written as a novel by Hillary Jordan. It was published in March of 2009 and was made into a movie which was released in 2017. It was produced by Carl Effenson, Sally Jo Effenson, Cassian Elwes, Charles King, Christopher Lemole, Kim Roth, and Tim Zajaros. It was directed by Dee Rees. The top three actors starring in the movie were Carey Mulligan, Garrett Hedlund, and Jason Clarke. Within the Mississippi Delta, two families struggle to make a profit off of the muddy land they choose to farm on. After living in the City, Laura is wed and moved out to a farm with her new husband, Henry. After meeting the African-American family that also lives on the land, they immediately find ways to use them for work and help around the house, abusing the power white people have over them
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Henry’s brother, Jaime, and a son named Ronsel from the neighboring family are both drafted into WW2. After returning home, they both suffer from PTSD in their own way. Jaime befriends Ronsel in hopes to make up for surviving the war in the eyes of God. However, their friendship leads to violence and aggression towards people of color and clearly shows how terrible racism and prejudice was in the 1940s. This movie was not based on a true story, but did resemble the south very accurately. It captured the cruel Jim Crow laws, racism, prejudice, gender roles, and the emotional effects of the war--PTSD. Mudbound was written as a book that wanted to outline American society’s problems in the 1940s, and it definitely succeeded. The movie gave an accurate example of PTSD; that being flashbacks, nightmares, and

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