Mu 2.4: Contribute to Children and Young People’s Health and Safety

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MU 2.4: Contribute to children and young people’s health and safety
1.3- Explain what risk assessment is and how this is managed in the work setting.
A risk assessment is a health and safety procedure, which requires a member of staff or line manager to carry out an examination; on what could cause danger and create harm to anyone within the work environment. During my time at One World nursery, a staff member would carry out a risk assessment every day; within their located room also there would be someone who will carry out a risk assessment outside in the garden.
2.1- Explain why a safe but challenging environment is important for children and young people.
It is very essential that children and young people are provided with safe
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CCLD MU 2.2-Contribute to the support of child and young person development.
1.2-Idenitfy different observation methods and know why they are used.
There are various of observations methods, which practitioners tend to use: Narrative reports- consist of simply watching an individual child or group of children and writing down in note-form what has been seen. This form of child observation typically lasts for a short period of time and requires the observer to try to remain as unnoticed as possible as any interaction with those being observed is likely to have an impact upon the child's behaviour. Time sampling-is a useful way on how to gather information based on a child or young person over a long period of time. Event sampling- is a useful way to notice if a child or young person has a behaviour problem that needs help or referral to another professional. Charts and Pictograms- show how many children have reached particular milestones, but give little information about individual development e.g. through graphs, bar charts, pie charts, histograms.
3.1- Describe the different transitions children and young people may experience.
There are many different types of transitions children and young people go through. For instance, a baby weaning onto solid foods, a child starting nursery for the very first time this big transition and requires their located keyworker to work closely by them. Another

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