Mseley Park Logos Analysis

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Evaluation of Moseley logo’s
This logo is from the 1990’s and the logo is a shield which shows protection. The shield also has the initials of Moseley Park School.
This could suggest that Moseley Park is a safe school as their shield like logo.
The colour Orange is used on the shield which suggests positive outlook, this would show the community that Moseley Park have a positive view on the things they do and nothing is seen as a negative. The colour Yellow is also used and this suggests greater confidence and optimism. This would suggest about Moseley Park bringing confidence to the school especially to the students. The colour black is used for the text and this suggests power, so the community would see Moseley Park having
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This slogan supports the message from the logo because the logo shows two students or two schools building success together so this relates to each other.

Does it follow the rule of three?
“The Flow” of the slogan
Does it support the aims/ purpose of the business?
Does it support the message from the logo?

Heath parks slogan is Every student always in focus

This slogan doesn’t follow the rule of three because they have used over three words “Every pupil always in focus” this has caused the slogan to be less memorable and the slogan isn’t really catchy as the Moseley Park slogan.

This slogan doesn’t flow

This slogan supports the aim and purpose of the business because the school’s aim is to make sure that the students are working and achieving high grades. The slogan shows us that the students at Heath Park are always working hard in class.

This slogan also supports the message from the logo because

Does it follow the rule of three?
“The Flow” of the slogan
Does it support the aims/ purpose of the business?
Does it support the message from the
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This uniform had the old schools budget on the blazer’s chest pocket. There were different types old of budgets for the students because they were split into 4 groups, which the school called houses. The old school tie was in the colour green and with the colour white. The colour white shows peace and Green shows freshness. The old school blazer was in the colour black which shows fear.

The budget had an outline around the budget in different colours, for example for the house group Anning the students had to wear the colour blue which shows confidence.

This is the new school uniform which was introduced in 2013. The new school blazer is in the colour purple which shows pride, the school would show this as they are satisfied with their achievements. The blazer also has the school’s new logo on the chest pocket. The school’s tie in in the colour purple with yellow and sliver stripes. The colour purple shows peace, the colour yellow shows greater confidence and the colour sliver shows responsibility, this would show that the students are responsible.
Students from year 7 to 11 would have to wear the purple blazer and the

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