Essay on Ms. Twoshoes 's Breach Of Contract

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I hope you have been well. Recently you have asked our firm to advise you on several matters that include Ms. Goode Twoshoes. You have sought answers to several problems which I will restate here to better assist you. First Ms. O’Brien you have asked whether or not Twoshoes has a viable claim for breach of contract against Corr Train including specifically whether or not the handbook provision modified the at-will nature of Twoshoes’ employment? As to this particular question from my view of the appropriate case law in this area of law, that no, Ms. Twoshoes does have a viable claim of breach of contract. Ms. Twoshoes’s breach of contract stems from the fact that the Corr Train handbook has in fact modified the at-will nature of Ms. Twoshoes’s employment contract. I will explain my reasoning for my opinion below. The general rule here in Nita is that an employer can terminate an employee for any reason because the state follows an at-will policy. However there are exceptions to the at-will contract that states an employer cannot fire an employee if there is a statute or a law which prevents the employer from doing so such as the Title VII which deals with sex discrimination. Another exception to the general rule is if there was a breach of contract in which the employer violated the contract. Lastly, the final exception is where there is wrongful discharge. Here, in you issue with Ms. Twoshoes the exception to the general rule that we are concerned with is the second…

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