Ms. Alicia Castellanos : A Woman 's Shelter On 10 / 25 / 2016

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Ms. Alicia Castellanos is a 78 year old separated Hispanic female from Salvador; She entered Broadway House Women Shelter on 10/25/2016, as a transfer from Franklin Women’s Shelter. She has been residing in the Shelter System since 8/8/2016. Ms. Castellano was appropriately dressed and groomed. She is about 160 lbs. and 5’3” tall with salt & pepper short straight hair. She wears glasses for reading and distance. She is of olive skinned complexion with no visible scars or scars. She is soft spoken, easy going with a pleasant demeanor. Ms. Castellano is naturalized US Citizen and she is currently receiving SSI in the amount of $753. She has an active Medicaid and Medicare.

Client 's appearance was clean and neat. Client was appropriately dressed for the weather. Client walks with a limp.

Brief Social History: (Background information on applicant: birthplace, structure of family at birth, who raised applicant, number of siblings, history of foster care, what life was like for the person as she was growing up. Identification of any family problems experienced in family origin and in own family. Marital status and marital history including ages, whereabouts and legal status of any children.)

Ms. Castellanos was born and raised in San Salvador. She was raised by both parents in a pleasant home environment. Ms. Bramble reports she has 5 siblings, (four boys and one female) and client is the first born. Client reported her four brothers are currently residing in Jamaica, Queens…

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