Mrs. Lucy 's Symptoms Of Anxiety And Depression Essay

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Client Introduction
Identifying information
Lucy is a 47-year old, White, cis-gender woman. Lucy grew up in Madison and has lived here all of her life. She identifies as heterosexual and has been married and divorced once. She has four children, three whom she is no longer in contact with. Her youngest child is fifteen-year-old and lives with her in a rental duplex. Lucy is not working and identified as having learning disability, in particular with English and Math.
Presenting concerns Lucy was self-referred to Journey with concerns related to relational difficulties, depressed mood, and anxiety. Lucy reported that she has been experiencing these symptoms due to a recent disruption in her relationship with her best friend. Lucy has been seen periodically at Journey since August 2011 and has been working with a senior staff who recently left the agency. Lucy was assigned to work with me in November of 2015. Lucy’s symptoms of anxiety and depression are typically linked to relational issues in her life. Each time she presents in therapy, it has been due to relational concerns.
When I first met Lucy, she was in a lot of emotional distress due to the recent issue with her best friend. She would like to work on relationship boundaries and be better at identifying positive relationships in her life. Lucy has a history of trauma, which has impacted her relationships. She reported growing up in an abusive home and was legally removed at the age of 16. Shortly after high school,…

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