Mrs. Dalloway : Pages 115-117 Essay

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Mrs. Dalloway: pages 115-117

Throughout Mrs. Dalloway, Woolf utilizes numerous elements of narrative theory. The element that seems to experience most variance and prevalence is that of the narrative discourse, the story as narrated, in the representation of an event. The narration of the story, through its progression, undergoes numerous shifts in perspective and style. Woolf creates effortless transitions between direct and indirect free discourse while also incorporating traditional third-person narrative within the novel. These transitions result in shifts in perspective, allowing a variety of personal and fresh insight to be offered, as well as changes in the presentation of the overall account. A passage that effectively demonstrates this mentioned transitional usage of narrative discourse may be found in the exchange between the spouses, Clarissa and Richard. Though seemingly trivial in importance to the overall story, this passage, found on pages 115-117, offers an interesting view of how the changing of perspectives through the transition of discourse affects the exchange of dialogue and information within a scene as well as the impressions made by the characters present. The selected piece contains the traditional aspects of third person narrative with the accompanying expressions of characters’ thoughts in direct and indirect free discourse.
The use of shifting perspectives allows further insight into the minds of each character within the passage. To delve…

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