Mr. Wertz Exhibits Signs Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd )

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Mr.Wertz exhibits signs of having Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The general symptoms of PTSD are: an exposure to a traumatic event, having flashbacks, distressing memories, or dreams about the events, it has an effect on an individual’s life, an fear of re-experiences traumatic events, or lost of interest in things that a person once enjoyed, persistent negative emotions, and a hyper arousal of the environment which could lead to misunderstandings. These symptoms must be prevalent over a period of time. Mr. Wertz has been exposed to many life threatening situations with his time in the Army in Iraq. He has seen a gruesome death of fellow comrade and had been attacked daily over his two deployments. He also experiences nightmares about his experiences in Iraq 2-3 times a month for the past 2 months. He no longer has an interest in going to the shooting range when previously he did enjoy going. He also feels like he is always “on edge”. At McDonalds, he jumped under a table to take cover when the broiler made sounds similar to gunshots. This shows that he is very anxious, hyper vigilant, and hypersensitive in his everyday life. He has been showing symptoms for at least 2 months and is showing an effect in his everyday functioning. It is also very common for war veterans to experience symptoms of PTSD, especially after coming back from combat. This doubts to this diagnosis are that Mr. Wertz had not seen a doctor or psychologist to diagnose him having…

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