Mr Utterson Character Analysis

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The novel brings out the character of Mr. Utterson as both an exciting character on one end and a flat and boring character on another end. At the onset of the story, the author describes Mr. Utterson as a ''lean, long, dusty, dreary.' This character creates a balance to and offers a rational perspective on the ''strange case'' that has befell his friend, Dr. Jekyll. It is evident that Mr. Utterson works as a lawyer; though the narrative does not reveal what he does on a daily basis. However, he comes out as a person who is renowned and popular in the London area where he lives (Stevenson 37). This gave him leverage as a lawyer to the extent that many of the characters choose to use his legal services. As a result of his reputation, he gets …show more content…
Utterson finds himself making the wrong judgment when it comes to the interpretation of who really Mr. Hyde is as his client, and as his friend. He gets it wrong after having the will of Dr. Jekyll, which is where he sees, for the first time, the name ''Mr. Hyde.'' In fact, the author uses this false identity and identification of the character Mr. Hyde in the eyes of Mr. Utterson to introduce the complicated case that he was in-charge. It is the wrong judgment that he makes in his understanding of the character of Mr. Hyde, which he translates in making judgments on his ‘will’ that introduces the audience to the mystery surrounding his …show more content…
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