Mr Socrates Character Analysis

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Mister Socrates by Choi Jin-won

Choi Jin-won directs and pens ‘’Mister Socrates’’, a not typical gangster film but a movie which combines comedy, crime, drama and social commentary.
The main character is Ku Dong-Hyeok (Kim Rae-won), who is a high-school drop-out and low-level thug. He shows no respect to other people, he has no ethics and he just loves to beat people. One night, while he reports the accidental murder of a friend of his by another friend, he gets kidnaped by a gang. He is kept in an abandoned for ages school and under the supervision of Bum-pyo (Kang Shin-il) he goes a rigid training and study. The purpose of the brutal study and training is to become a police officer after passing the GED tests and the police recruitment tests. The hindmost purpose of all these is to become a homicide police officer and be the mole and the connecting link between the gang and the police.
‘’Mister Socrates’’ stands out from other gangster movies in terms of the allegories and symbolism. One of my personal favorite allegory is the use of Newton's three Laws of Motion. The law of inertia,
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Venn diagram is consisted of two cycles that part of them overlaps and this diagram is used to represent the qualities of Ku Dong-hyeok character and the different paths that he can choose. In more detail, the one cycle represents the beliefs, ethics and morals that the police officers must have and the other cycle the corruption of the syndicate. The area of the overlap of the two cycles is no other than Ku Dong-hyeok. This means that now he has traits from police and also from the gang. Now he has good and bad traits and he is in the middle of police and gang. His new beliefs and morals are put on the ultimate test when he was asked to kill by shooting another police officer who was also member of the gang and betrayed

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