Court Case Mr. Smith: Sane Or Insane

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Court Case Mr. Smith

The killer, Mr. Smith has left the court wondering if he was sane or insane at the time he commited the murder of Mr. Johnson. Mr. Smith stated that he can hear many things in heaven, earth, and hell and that the madness has driven his senses further. A typical sane person would not state that they can hear things in heaven, earth and hell and try to convince people that they are sane. Mr. Smith is showing the court that he is clearly insane by stating that madness has made his senses sharper.
First,Mr. Smith cannot tell a fantasy from reality. “But I found the eye always closed; and it was impossible to do the work; for it was not the old man who vexed me, but his evil eye.” (56) Mr. Smith can’t kill Mr. Johnson when his eyes are closed, because when Mr. Johnson looks at Mr. Smith that is when he gets angry and his blood runs cold. Then,Mr. Smith believes that he has some power over Mr. Johnson. “I felt the extent of my powers.” (56) Mr. Smith is going mad with anger so his “power” is driving him to kill Mr. Johnson. Furthermore, the main reason Mr. Smith decided to kill him is because of Mr. Johnson’s eye, Mr. Smith couldn’t stand
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Smith cannot manage his own affairs. “When the idea entered my brain; it was conceived, it haunted me day and night.(55) Mr. Smith never second guessed the idea to murder Mr. Johnson in cold blood. Another fascinating fact is that at night when Mr. Johnson would be sleeping Mr. Smith would stalk him in his sleep. “I looked upon him as he slept.” (56) Mr. Smith would watch Mr. Johnson sleep every night so he could plan out how he was going to kill him. Furthermore, into detail what really caused Mr. Smith to kill Mr. Johnson that night was when he gazed upon his eye. “It was open-wide, wide open-and I grew furious as I gazed upon it.” (57) When Mr. Smith shun the light on Mr. Johnson in his sleep and saw that his eye was open that caused Mr. Smith to lose his mind and then attack and kill Mr.

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