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HP Envy dv7t-7200 Quad Edition Notebook PC
Acer Aspire V3-571-9890
1) Compare the following items for your selections: a. Price: HP $999.99, Acer $729.99 b. Delivery Charges: HP Standard shipping $9.99, Acer Standard Ground Shipping $15.00 c. Financing Options: HP No payments/Interest if paid full in 12 months, Acer no current offer d. Discounts: HP additional 15% off accessories with pc purchase, Acer free overnight shipping e. Coupons: Could not find coupons, companies possibly send these with shipped items f. Warranties: HP Two year limited hardware warranty, Acer one year international travelers limited warranty g. Installation Offered: HP windows 8 os, Norton internet security 2012, hp games; Acer
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Also, make sure to use the same year’s annual report for your companies.
I compared ACER and Apple 2011 annual report. This is why Acer has a better ratio then Apple does:
Apple: (in millions) Net sales:108,249/Total Average Assets:95,777=1.13
Acer: Net Sales: 475,341,991/Total average assets: 264,403,129=1.80

Answer: An occasion that I recall similar to this situation was having to provide customer service/ bar drinks to restaurant guests while working on a team with an individual that I found it difficult to like. The night was very busy but we succeeded by putting our differences aside. It is my experience that you are not all ways going to get along with everyone in an organization. I feel like it is very important to remain professional and focus on the team’s goals when confronted with situations similar to this.

Successful organizations are also those who are able to make relatively accurate forecasts about the future needs (inventory, facilities, capacity, manufacturing, manpower) for the products produced or the services delivered.
Forecasting is an uncertain science since it calls for predictions but current theoretical and mathematical models (quantitative and qualitative) make it possible for organizations to predict with an acceptable margin of error. Think about it this way; without forecasting organizations would always be responding rather than acting.
1. Select one industry from the list below:
Bank, restaurant, health clinic/hospital,

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