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Introduction of Business
BSN medical was established in April 2001 as a 50:50 joint venture between Beiersdorf AG, Hamburg, and Smith & Nephew plc, London due to complementary geographic and channel strengths in the areas of wound care, fracture management, physiotherapy and compression therapy.

BSN medical was acquired in 2006 by Montagu Private Equity, a leading private equity investor in the European mid-market, with a large pool of available funds, with values ranging from € 100 million to € 1+ billion. Since then, BSN was developed as a fully independent global player in the health care market. Under Montagu’s ownership BSN medical successfully completed four acquisitions, further developed the global
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At present brand is getting 4.2% of global market share. It is increasing only with .35% per year. Despite that company has physical appearance in world’s thick population regions Asia, Europe and South America. In Australia the brand is getting 9% share of the total first aid dressing market. To increase in the market share BSN medical is launching a global advertising campaign. Below is the comparison between current sales growth and the targeted growth after the upcoming advertisement launch in Australia. * 1- 3.5 % growth in the Australian market share of the Brand.
Budget & Time Frame
Budget allocated for this marketing segment is $ 500,000. It will continue for one year in different regions of the Australia.


Advertising leveraging opportunities and objectives
News Paper advertisement and Flyers distribution at retail stores and pharmacies will be use for advertisement.
Like any successful campaign this campaign is to build brand loyalty, to move the product more ‘upmarket’, support the activities of the distribution channel, brand image, to remind and reassure customer, to boost public standing and to support the sales force.

This campaign has three key objectives a) To inform i.e. tell the customers about the product b) To persuade i.e. encourage customers to switch c) To remind

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