Mr M. M Essay

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Mr. M is a 72 year old Caucasian male. He was born in Boston, MA and currently resides with his wife, Mary, in a small suburb, Randolph, MA, in a two-story colonial home. He is the son of Irish immigrants and is of completely Irish descent. Mr. M completed two years of art studies at Boston College before being drafted into the Vietnam War. After serving in the army, Mr. M had a life-long career in the Boston Gas Company until the age of 67, when he retired with a monthly pension. His wife is a retired home geriatric nurse and both have sufficient savings for retirement and own their home.
Mr. M was appropriately dressed in clean brown corduroy pants with a plaid flannel button down and undershirt. He had a Scally cap on and brown leather shoes. From my observations, Mr. M is embracing the aging process despite some health complications. He is unhappy with the physical changes occurring and his decrease in functional ability, but understands aging is inevitable and is trying to enjoy his retirement.
I did not have to establish a trusting relationship with Mr. M seeing he has been my neighbor since I moved to the suburb and our family has been very close to him and his wife for many years. However, to make him as comfortable as possible and to help him know he could open up to me about anything, I conducted the interview and assessments in his living room, so he could sit in his favorite reclining chair. This is the spot where he feels most at ease.
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