Mr. Lucas - Original Writing Essay

1822 Words Aug 5th, 2016 null Page
Mr. Lucas called me I was ready to kill, I was at Redd’s house dropping off Pinky’s car. When we made it and I saw Pooch I just knew it wasn 't a coincidence. He saw us and the nigga started sweating and acting weird, Redd and him dapped. He held his fist out to me and I stared at him Ike he had shit on his hand, I wasn 't playing nice with his punk as. I mugged him and asked, “what the fuck you doing here?” He looked from me to Redd pissing me off, “the fuck you looking at him for, yo ass can 't think for yo self? Redd I swear I don 't see why you hang with this shakes motherfucker,” I never trusted that motherfucker. But if my suspicions were true I knew Redd was going to have to get in line to kill his ass, “fall back Jock dam, you ain 't gave the man time to answer,” I shook my head, “he don 't have to answer. Drive Pinky’s truck, I 'll meet you at her house when I see what 's going on,” I walked away because I felt like killing ass. I’m glad Mr Lucas stopped me before I went in to see Pinky because I thought she was crying over that nigga and I was pissed. But he explained that she was only upset because of some of things he said concerning Lyric but she didn 't let him see her breakdown she kept her cool until he left. When I walked in that room and saw her bent over and heard her cries I vowed to make that motherfucker suffer for hurting the two women who were at the top of my protection list. After Pinky confirmed my suspicions I wanted to go kill that nigga right…

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