Mr. Lee 's Success Essay

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Mr. Lee is now a millionaire in the education industry in Tian Jin China. He started a small tutoring center in the 1986. In 1997 he established H School which later becomes the third largest tutoring school in Tian Jin. In Mr.Lee’s career there are two important incidents which marks the highlight of his career as the leader of he H School. Both incidents were big obstacles to many tutor schools in the industry; however, Mr. Lee managed to turn potential fiasco into two big turning points for the school. Two incidents are similar to each other, for both cases are very intriguing and they offer insights of how Mr. Lee successfully lead his organization. Through both incident I would try to establish a sounding foreground for case analysis. All the content below is from a real interview of a school leader whom I respect.
In the early 1980s China was just opening up it economy policy. Many industries was in vacancy waiting for adventurous minds to gasp the opportunities of the newly formed capitalistic market. In 1986, Mr. Lee experimented with private tutoring which is a new and audacious idea at the time in the more conservative northern part of China. At the time, Mr. Lee was working for the very avant-garde private elite school,T School, in Tian Jin as a part time math teacher, at the same time he also did some tutoring to bring extra income.
In 1997, after he traveled to Shen Zhen,GuangZhou, Mr. Lee found out that a lot private tutoring centers were thriving in those…

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