Mr. John Boaz As A Professional Leader And Ms. Michelle Lee Essay

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When I think about the Professional and personal leaders that I have interacted with as a follower and who I have admired and will like to analyze today a few names comes to mind. However, the two that impress me the most will have to be Mr. John Boaz as a professional leader and Ms. Michelle Lee, a personal leader.
Mr. Boaz, exhibit leadership and ethical skills in accounting and mentoring field. He is a certified public accountant, who is the managing director of his accounting company. He is also the executive director; of a mentoring foundation that mentors and teaches men who are incarcerated, how to deal with and live in society when released. He also studied non-profit management at Walden University. He was chosen as the first elder of his church, not only because of his calm disposition; but because of his experience, education and professional mannerism in getting the job done efficiently and effectively. He has with three children, one who graduated from law school and the other two are in college. He is married to a beautiful talented woman from up north who is a Social Worker and works alongside her husband dealing with the mental part of a non-profit business he has just started managing. Since I have worked with him in the past as an accounting clerk, I have decided to write about him as a professional leader. Mr. Boaz portrays the transformational, affiliative and coaching leadership styles. He is a leader who led by example; his educational…

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