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Chapter 10 – Short Cases 1. The five reactions to crises are: denial, anger, rationalization, depression, and lastly acceptance

Judd’s first reaction was complete disbelief. He was stunned and surprised to see his friend Jim involved in a fraud.

The next reaction was anger. Judd became very angry when he found that that Jim had realized that his cover was blown. Judd was also surprised when Jim mentioned about the endorsements. Jim denied to have committed the crime.

Jim became extremely annoyed about the fact that Judd was assigned the responsibilities that he used to do. He was frightened as he was sure he would be fired.

The next stage is rationalization. Judd tried to rationalize the fact that Jim was basically a
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The questions to be asked should not demoralize or de-motivate Damon. The investigator should not be biased while asking questions even when he is very sure that Damon is the primary culprit. The investigator should never talk down to Damon during the interview. It should be kept in mind that investigator should take control during the entire interview period.

Careful observation, expertise in detecting patterns and ability to compare different responses are required for an investigator so as to prove Damon’s guilt. Short, structured questions should be asked so that Damon could also be specific while answering the questions and the answers could also be specific while answering the questions and the answers could be understood easily with clarity. It should be ensured that Damon’s answers are noted down. The investigator should always be focused during the interview process so that his purpose so that his purpose if interviewing Damon is met successfully. Relevant investigated documents as evidence should be put b forward and from which Damon should be asked for clarification. Further, Damon could be subjected to paper pencil honesty testing technique as it would be required as evidence for submitting at the court.

7. First, the investigator should try to investigate about the large fluctuations in the financial statement accounts. He should verify whether credits and debits done by Jane are correct or not. It might be the case that

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