Mr Hodgman Reflection

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We are all Human
Throughout life, humans go through an endless journey called life. And in that life span one must overcome several challenges live throws at you. Since we cannot tell the future, the obstacles that we face might end up changing our whole lives. In the memoir, Hodgman shows us that even though we are different in our own way, we can still relate to someone who might face the same challenges as we.
Furthermore, one way that I can relate to Mr. Hodgman is that in the way he gives up a little of his life to help his mother in her time of need. I myself have been in this sort of situation. It might not be as big scale as Mr. Hodgman’s experience, but nonetheless the intention was the same. It all happened when my stepdad passed
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Hogdman is that how he cares so much for his mother that he does not want to hurt her. The same can be said about me because the last thing I would want to do is hurt someone, especially one’s mother. I would rather do right by her as Hodgman tries to do also through the memoir. It could be what some call the mother son effect. Where both the mother and son have a special bond with one another. In the memoir he states that, “She has been my rock and I am convinced that, at some level, she has survived to give me-a gay man whose life she never understood-a place to call home” (9). This shows that even though Betty may not comprehend the lifestyle of George, she still takes care of him because that’s her son. Another moment where Hodgman shows his love toward his mother is when he states, “There is no such thing as a perfect parent.” Betty would always say that. But to me she was perfect. Especially when she thought she was not” (7). And he is right because no one is perfect but our imperfections makes us unique.
Furthermore, one thing that I do not relate to Hodgman is the issue about the mother son bond that it doesn’t seem to work as well as me and my mother. For me, my relationship with my mom is quite strong because we could tell each other anything. Even if she doesn 't have the answers, my mother would try her best to make me understand the situation and ease my concerns. While in the case of George and Betty, George has a hard time expressing himself toward Betty about his homosexuality. He did not feel comfortable consulting nor admitting his true colors to

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