Mr. Fowler Is Not Promoting Self Awareness Essay

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Mr. Fowler and Sasha
Part A: Self - Awareness
Mr. Fowler is not promoting self-awareness in Sasha. Although he has discussed Sasha’s behavior with her parents, he has offered no help to her personally. Sasha needs to be motivated extrinsically and Mr. Holt needs to try and build on her intrinsic motivation. Mr. Fowler seems to ignore Sasha’s actions. Mr. Fowler asks Sasha to stay on task but is not making Sasha aware of what she is doing wrong, while she is actively doing it. In order for Sasha to correct a problem she needs to be made aware that there is a problem.

Part B: Self- management
When dealing with Sasha’s behavior problems, Mr. Fowler is not promoting self-management. Sasha needs to have structure in her classroom schedule. Mr. Fowler has not done anything to help her structure her time. Sasha also needs consequences or negative reinforcement for her behaviors (such as leaving late for lunch when she leaves a mess at her desk). I have seen no indication that Mr. Fowler has any of these things in place for Sasha. Sasha needs to learn how to take responsibility for herself and her actions.

Part C: Self-efficacy
Sasha’s self-efficacy is low. This seems to come from an unstable emotional state. By not using verbal persuasion Mr. Fowler is not offering any support for Sasha in changing her viewpoint. Sasha needs positive encouragement, positive reinforcement, and praise in order to begin to move towards a more positive self-efficacy. Mr. Fowler does not…

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