Mr. Fabien's Dilemma

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1.Mr.Fabien is a previous employee of MFORCE BIKE HOLDING SDN.BHD.. The position of Mr.Fabien in the company is Chief Operating Officer. Mr.Fabien stop working for MFROCE BIKE HOLDING SDN.BHD at February.

2.The boss has planned to fire Mr.Fabien already long time ago because he feels that the working outcome of Mr.Fabien is not fulfill the company requirement. The boss decides to fire Mr.Fabien is because of one previous company trip, Mr.Fabien has conflict with the boss on that time. That is the main reason of this happening.

3.So boss inform Mr.William (The head of Human Resources Department of MFORCE BIKE HOLDING SDN.BHD.) to fired Mr.Fabien , but Mr.William said he does not has reason to fired him, maybe he can consider to remove his position and offer him to the position of boss personal advisory. Mr.William and boss decide to
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But Mr.William said cannot because Mr.Fabien need to handover his job for the responsible employee. After discussion , the boss agree to let Mr.Fabien to stay 2 more days to handover his job.

10.In 4pm, Mr.Fabien pass up the resign letter to Mr.William officially. Mr.William also accept that.

11.After Mr.Fabien resign, he contempt the company reputation to the company customer, dealer. This cause huge damage to the company image and sales because some of the dealer request to end the contract with MFORCE BIKE HOLDINGS SDN.BHD after listen to the Mr.Fabien contempt.

12.The boss take this case serious , he decide to send Mr.Fabien a lawyer letter to sue Mr.Fabien and claim back RM 200,000 as the reparation of the company damage.

13.Mr.Fabien decide to sue back the company for fired him without any reason and further more cases.

14.Mr.William need to attend the IR investigation with Mr.Fabien. Mr.P’ng worry that Mr.William need to outstation for company , cannot attend the IR investigation so he asked the lawyer can it have other replacement if

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