Mr. China 's Son Essay

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Mr. China’s Son, is based off of a true story. Written by He Liyi and Claire Anne Chik, it tells the story of one of the authors, He Liyi. As for some basic information about him, he was a Chinese English teacher who lived through the Cultural Revolution whiling belonging to one of China’s minorities, the Bai. He lived in Yunnan Province. What is very unique about his biography, is that it differs from other documentaries. Mr. China’s Son was written in English compared to many other documentaries that have been published by Chinese authors during his time. Through his own words and perspective, the book covers a number of events that had occurred in China’s recent history. You could possibly say the audience that Mr. He is targeting may vary from the future generation who did not live through the Cultural Revolution to foreigners who may not have much knowledge about the occurrence of these life-changing events. For those in general who are not quite clear about the history of China during President Mao Zedong’s time in office, may also enjoy reading this documentary too. To inform the new citizens of China’s past, it prevents the repetition of certain acts, behaviors, and events from happening again. To inform the people of what happened in the past so that it won’t be repeated Depicted within this book, He Liyi’s life illustrates the life in the People’s Republic of China through the many events in which was due to traditional customs or under the ruling of Mao, that…

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