Mr 100 ( Seminar ) Essay examples

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Jalyn Prewitt
HON 100 (Seminar)

A higher power, whether of spirit or of nature, gifted all organisms one ever-changing opportunity to live a life fulfilled. This one opportunity provides every being with protection, sustainability, and growth. This single opportunity possesses the only known sources of life for galaxies around. This lone opportunity is our earth. Our earth has given us the resources needed to survive on essentially a floating incubator—providing all its inhabitants with warmth and resources to grow into our specified crafts. As of now, for years actually, our earth is under attack. Not by outside forces of massive meteors or alien life forms, but from the very beings it was designed to protect—its inhabitants. By design, we, as inhabitants of this great planet, are built to evolve into smarter, more efficient, and more innovative creatures, but at what cost to our home? Should we continue to outwardly express our growing intelligence when it negatively affects the only place able enough to let us thrive? Scientists around the globe, with the aid of modern technology and decades of statistical data, have reached a unanimous consensus concerning the potential downfall of life as we currently recognize it. This downfall is a vastly progressing climate change promoted by our growing emission rates. The scientific community no longer debates the existence of such an environmental issue with the overwhelming potential to cause great global catastrophe…

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