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IHRM Homework 10.12.12 MPS

1 Diagnose and prioritise what you see to be the crucial IHRM for Jim issues.

Medical Precision Systems (from now on MPS) have a HR strategy with the intentions of gaining strong control over its subsidiaries through the extensive use of expatriate managers in both technical and managerial areas of the business. Expatriate managers have been told to try to keep the unions out or to ensure that they have a minimal influence. The main issue with MPS IHR strategy is that they are using an ethnocentric approach where they export their HR strategy to foreign countries. It's different working environment, culture and mentality between the local subsidiaries' workforce and its American
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The key stakeholders for a IHRM strategy should be:

• Member of the board and top leaders: It is important that the IHR strategy are a part of the organizational culture, and if they want to succeed with their new strategy the top leader needs to be involved and understand that even thou a new IHR strategy can have big cost in the beginning, it will create value for the company in long term. HR- department: They have to take the first step in the develop this new IHR strategy and especially Joe Menders who should start to inform about the conflicts that he have acknowledge in the different subsidiaries, because of their existing ethnocentric IHR strategy. Subsidiaries' managers are one of the key players in the new IHR strategy, they are involved in the daily drift of the company and one of the key players that should assure that the new strategy is implemented in their department. Lower level leaders and workforce: In a business like this one with high and semi skilled workforce with a lot of knowledge. Not only about their specific area of expertise, but also in business in general and their own rights as employees it is important to bring these people in as key players. This will give them a bigger ownership to the strategy and also give them motivation to stay loyal to the company, as they have succeeded with in the US.

4. What major challenges do you anticipate Jim

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