Mozart 's Music And The Libretto Of Lorenzo De Ponte Essay example

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is arguably the greatest composer of all time. Along with his many symphonies, he also wrote the music for operas. Even though The Marriage of Figaro, The Magic Flute, and Don Giovanni are his three most famous operas, Cosí fan Tutte is largely underrated. This opera is the story of two sets of lovers. Under the guidance of their old friend Don Alfonso, the two men decide to test their partners ' loyalty by pretending to go off to war and coming back disguised. Slowly, each man and the other 's lover begin to fall in love! At the end of the opera, the two reveal that they were they disguised men the entire time. The true conclusion though, is a heavy debate in the world of opera. Some argue that it ends in chaos and confusion, while others argue that it ends in love and forgiveness. I argue that it is a combination of both. The origin of this debate begins with Mozart 's music and the libretto of Lorenzo de Ponte. Mozart 's music throughout the conclusion resembles the confusion one would expect. The music expresses the fact that none of the characters know what is going on. The chaotic music expresses what one would think that these characters are experiencing. However, what the characters are singing does not correlate with this. De Ponte 's words show forgiveness. It shows each of the character 's forgiving each other. The female characters, Fiordiligi and Dorabella, say "I 'll find the way to console you, and adore you forever more." The male…

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