Mozart And Ludwig Van Beethoven And Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Beethoven vs. Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven are two of the most greatest, well known composers of all time. They’ve created some very outstanding and magnificent pieces of music that have been listened to for centuries. Though these two artists were both very vital in music history, each having the same rare gift of amazing music ability, the way they composed were very unique when compared to each other. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27, 1756 in a small city called Salzburg, Austria. He became known as a child prodigy very early on. He could play the violin, piano, organ, and harpsichord very beautifully at the age of only six. Mozart went with his father on several concert tours throughout many European …show more content…
He didn’t compose near as many compositions as Mozart even though he did live longer. Beethoven composed music between the Classical and Romantic eras and like Mozart, he wrote pieces in all forms of music, but his best was instrumental music. He built on to Mozart’s regards to form, altering and combining them as he pleased. He loved to use forceful and sharp rhythmic patterns and alternating moods like happiness and tragedy.
Mozart’s works can be divided into three periods: the first is a period of learning, being influenced by Mozart and Haydn; the middle when he develops his own individual style; and the last a time where his music is highly evolved with a very unusual style. He’s most famous for his nine symphonies, though he also wrote 32 piano sonatas, five piano concertos, and even an opera.
In the end, both Mozart and Beethoven came to be some of the most talented and creative musicians to have lived. They put all they could into their music and created so many amazing masterpieces. Though their music may have been different, each using their own style, they both contribute greatly to the history of

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