Adam Case Study

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Student 1: Adam
Adam is an 8th grade student at Charleroi Middle School. Adam was diagnosed with Moyamoya disease. It is a rare, progressive cerebrovascular disorder caused by blocked arteries at the base of the brain in an area called the basal ganglia. The name “moyamoya” means “puff of smoke” in Japanese and describes the look of the tangle of tiny vessels formed to compensate for the blockage (“NINDS Moyamoya disease information page,” 2016). He has suffered three strokes leading to dystonia, a state of abnormal muscle tone resulting in muscular spasm and abnormal posture, and left hemiparesis, weakness of the entire left side of his body.
Health Care Needs The IHP for Adam is complicated and long and involves collaboration with multiple
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Both Adam’s IEP and John’s 504 Plan, are extremely well written and thorough. They address the specific learning needs of each student and also cover their medical needs. With Adam, I found the adaptations with his decreased class objectives, preferential seating, and test adaptations the most supportive. For John, the ability to have a “brain break” before each class and the extra time given to complete work, tests, and homework, were significant modifications for …show more content…
The major focus of school nursing services is the prevention of illness and disability, and the early detection and correction of health problems. When a student has medical issues and a learning disability, the nurse also participates as the health specialist on student’s evaluation team to develop IEP’s and 504-Plans. Many of these plans can be extremely complex and involve multidisciplinary support services and team members. It is especially important for the team to take a step back and try to review the needs, medically and academically, of these complex situations to allow each very student

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