Movings: A Chain Of Events That Changed My Life

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“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude”(Maya Angelou). Everyone has some events that helped make who they are today. People experience these events at different stages in their life. One event in my life that helped shape who I am as a person today is when I moved houses in fifth grade. As most little kids are when they are told they are moving, I was not happy. I was perfectly content with our house and I did not understand why we had to move. What I did not realize when I was 7 or 8, was that good things could come from moving. Even though it sounded like a bad idea at first, moving houses created a chain of events that positively influenced my life and shaped who I am today.
My parents started
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Since my uncle’s house was filled with memories of her, he did not want to return to the house right away. He then started living with us at my grandparent 's house. I enjoyed having my uncle live with us because he enjoys some of the same things as I do such as sports. He taught me to play golf, went to a couple of Red Sox games with us, and went to many of my sporting events. My parents would periodically bring me to see the progress of our new house but I did not really like going because we would stay there forever and there was nothing to do. We had been living with my grandparents for about a year when our new house was finally completed to the extent that we could move in. However it was not entirely finished as my dad still does projects on it today. Our new house is much bigger than our old house but as I suspected, I did not like living there at first. I liked the house itself, but the thing I did not like was that I did not know anyone in the neighborhood. At our old house, Dylan lived the street behind us so we could cut through yards to get to each other’s house. Adam was also not far away. We made one friend while our house was being built, I think his name was Cody. But at the same time as we were working on moving into our house, his family was selling his house. By the time we actually did move in, he had moved out of state. The first friends we had while we lived here was Clay and his brother. We were not really friends with them for a few months because they used to spy on us while hiding in trees. We soon made several more friends on the street and often play football and basketball with

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