Personal Narrative: Moving In With A Best Friend

Moving in with a best friend Coming home to an empty guess room and spare keys on the key ring is not how you want to end a weekend. Saturday morning I received a text from my best friend, we had been having issues with our living situation. The pain of knowing my best friend just packed up and left was terrible, I was basically losing my best friend. Senior year is full of excitement with prom and graduation all just at your fingertips. Also full of decisions like what you are going to do for the rest of your life, where you are going to school and what classes you want to take. I had made my decision and was going to culinary school in Pasadena. The excitement was unreal but the thought of going alone was a little frightening. My best …show more content…
When we would go out I would be driving, paying for food, groceries, and little things for the apartment. I didn’t want to let it bother me because I knew she was paying me rent with her dads money and that’s all she had. Sometimes I would hint at getting a job but she was afraid because she wanted o be able to visit San Diego on the weekends and not be stuck at work. I was trying to let it go but one weekend I came out after she had been out here all week and I was on spring break, I came home to a completely full litter box and a mess. I cleaned everything up and noticed there was no litter, I texted her and asked where it was and she just told me that we ran out. I felt a little confused because usually someone would go and get more and change it out because they were going to be gone for the weekend. It hurt to know that she wasn’t even capable of walking across the street to get cat litter. Not only that when we would go grocery shopping I would ask her to pay and she would straight up tell me know, here I am a vegetarian buying a bunch of chicken for my roommate that couldn’t even do me one little

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