Moving To America Essay

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In some point in life there will be an event that changed an individual life forever. When that event changes the point of view about the education, then that event has become a big thing. Those changes could be good a thing or bad. The event that change my education view is when I move to the United State. I have been in America for about 8 years. The first couple years are hard because I don’t speak English so there is no way to communicate with others. With all the thing we hear about America, It’s no brainer to move to the United State. So my family decide it would be the best for the family to move to United State for a better life and education. The decision of moving to America are probably the best decision my family had ever made. Getting here is a hard and long journey for my family, but the United State provides me an excellent education quality that I can’t get in Vietnam. Not only it provides an excellent education, but it also provides a job in the future. Getting here legally is no small task. Back in my home country, which is Vietnam, there is no …show more content…
First day in United State is like a first day in new school but ten time scarier. I was really scared when I moved to United State, because I don’t have any friend and I also don’t speak the language. The first day of school is nerve racking for me. I remember the whole thing very clearly. Before I move to United State I dye my hair orange. I move to United State in the mid-March and start school in may a month before the school end. The whole environment was different, and the learning style is different. When I walk into the classroom for the first time everyone was looking at me. I don’t know it because of my orange hair or I’m new. I made friends very easily because everyone thinks I’m cool because I have an orange hair. Sadly, at the time I don’t speak English very well. So there is no way to communicate with my new

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