Moving Schools Can Be Tough At First Essay

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Moving schools can be tough at first. The change from one school to another can be better than one expects. Finding new friends and meeting different teachers can help one mature in many ways, though the process can be difficult. When I moved from Deer Creek Middle School to Crossings Christian School in 8th grade, I was nervous and worried I wouldn 't fit in. Although I faced many obstacles, the experience helped me discovered the importance of change. At Deer Creek I had a tough time finding a good group of friends and my parents could see that through my actions at home. I would come home every day sad because I was having a tough time getting along with my classmates. My parents couldn 't stand to see me like this so they decided to transfer me to Crossings. It wasn 't until after 7th grade during the summer when they told me. Although I knew it was best for me, I did not want to leave my old school and change everything up. On my first day of 8th grade at crossing I walked in thinking that it would be the same thing all over again but it was different. As soon as I walked in one of my classmates introduced himself to me and said, “hello my name is mason, would you like to sit next to me at lunch?” This was surprising to me because no one had ever asked to sit by them at Deer Creek. On that day I made at least five new friends and the I got home I was happy and excited to go to school the next day. I not only had a great group friends, but I also had teachers who…

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