Movies Can Make A Body Essay

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What we experience at the in a cinema while watching a is of three-dimensional space; however, we know for a fact that it is two dimensional. It is said shadows are made of light (sun), they are ethereal because they can come and go they become sheer pigments of our dream and imagination. While objects that we see are perfect exact 100 percent replica of a real person; hence why McGinn said that images of dematerialized body in other words has no physicality. In other words, McGinn is saying you see his body, but you are not really seeing his body; they are real, but not real at the same time. Unlike dream, films can make a body “perfect” due to the fact that it cannot decompose, damage, etc. because it is in the screen images which makes it unaltered, they are already made which somewhat made films more real than dreams since they real, but not real because they have no physical form. Films are invincible just like souls, angels, minds and any other immaterial substance or body. Nonetheless, minds and souls move the bodies through gestures and that is what makes film preservatives as the idea of seeing minds in motion, and that is exactly what happens in movies, we see their minds and not the real them. The experience of watching a movie is the experience of watching a mind, just like in a dream which one is mostly the main actor who act in it, also as the audience who watch themselves as they act simultaneously; it is like an outer body experience happening in our…

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