Movie Theater Analysis

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To enjoy a movie of your choosing either with a guest or alone at the movie theater, all that is required is a movie of your choosing, your movie theater of choice, to feel comfortable with things such as snacks and seating choice, and at least two hours. With these simple things, watching any movie can be a highly enjoyable experience. First, choose your move. It’s genre could range from a comedy to a horror film or a romance film to an action film. Most thrive to see an actual good film, but poorly made films can be just as amusing, so your choice may vary. Next, decide if you will be accompanied by a guest or going alone. Keep in mind who you’re bringing along and what movies they approve of—if they are a faint-hearted type of …show more content…
Other people are in attendance, so try to stay quiet. If this is not an option, try to keep any comments to a whisper so other moviegoers can’t hear your conversation. Whether you are watching the movie trailers or the movie itself, if it’s a comedy it’s acceptable to laugh, but try to avoid repeating anything that made you laugh while the movie is still playing. Other guests realize that the line or action was funny, but rehashing the same thing can possibly ruin the joke for others. If the movie is a horror film, make sure that you avoid expressing any inner dialog out loud. Everyone in the theater is well aware of the silly things characters may do in scary films, but speaking out loud to the characters as if they can hear you is widely aggravating to others watching the movie. Next, if your guest of choice isn’t a fan of seeing the already chosen movie, try listing the things in the trailer that stood out to you and the things that attracted you to see the film. If the film is apart of a trilogy, try to understand that your guests may not have seen any of the other films prior to the showing. Before going to the theater, try to give them a brief synopsis of the whole trilogy leading up to this film. If both you and your guests are fans of the trilogy, indulge in the events of the film together without reacting too loudly. Otherwise, if the film is not a trilogy, relax with your guest and enjoy with the film has to offer

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