Movie Scenes With Emergency Rooms Essay

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You know all those TV and movie scenes with emergency rooms. The hero is taken in

with their ailment, all the while glancing at the other people waiting, looking like death.

But because we 're with the hero, we 're taken in immediately, the tests come back in no

time at all, the hero is saved, and all is well.

Right. Fail.

If a visit to the emergency room were made into a movie, it would take, oh, 5 ­ 8 DVDs to

play the entire thing. That 's over 12 hours.

I got to the emergency room with some friends (one of whom is the reason for the visit)

around 1730 on Tuesday. We had left school at 1630ish. We got there and got into one

of the triage rooms in a rather quick amount of time. We stayed in there for a while,

maybe 15 minutes? My friend was taken for a CAT scan. That 's another 10­20 minutes

of waiting, watching death­faces, ill­faces, pain­faces, concern­faces.

Waiting for the test results to come back for the scan is another 2 hours of waiting, talking

with your friend, doing what you can to console them, make them comfortable, try and

ease their fears. Then they come for a blood test.

Hello, 15­30 more minutes.

Still waiting for CAT scan results and now for the blood work. You can add on another 1

or more hours to that. By now, it 's around 2200. But it 's okay, because those who came

are there for the friend, who really needs us there.

Finally, back to the wing of the hospital closest to the ER. Now it 's just me in the waiting

room of the ER,…

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