Movie Review : Tough Guise Essay

751 Words Jul 7th, 2016 4 Pages
For my extra credit assignment, I decided to watch the film, Tough Guise 2. The film was mainly about violence in America and how males are the ones committing violent acts. Females also commit violent acts, but are just a small fraction compared to men. According to the film, statistics show that eighty-six percent of armed robberies are committed by men. Seventy-seven percent of aggravated assaults are committed by men and eighty-six percent of domestic violence incidents that have ended with physical injuries were perpetrated by men. It also stated that ninety-nine of rapes are committed by men. Men commit ninety percent of murders. The film brought up the question of what is driving males to act so violent. The game industry blames the NRA for not regulating their gun control and the NRA blames the media for spreading violent propaganda to the public. According to Wood, the majority of men on prime-time television is independent, strong, aggressive, and in charge (Wood, 2015). Factors such as violent games, movies, music, dysfunctional families, and drugs are what have been thought to motivate the perpetrators in massive shootings. Adam Lanza was a teenager who shot his mom. He used to play violent war games before he committed the shooting. Other school shooters played violent shooting games and also used to watch violent action movies. I can agree that violent games, movies, and rap songs can increase the chances of men to commit violent acts. Young boys spend hours…

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