Essay on Movie Review : ' Tomorrow Night '

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Game 7 of the NBA Finals is tomorrow night (or tonight depends when you are reading this), which is winner takes all. Throughout this series, the main storyline is the match-up of the two NBA superstars, Stephen Curry and LeBron James. Fans believe thaat this series will show who is the best basketball player of the world between this two players. LeBron James, who dominated the NBA for almost a decade, seen in fans ' eyes that he has been replaced by Stephen Curry as best player in the world since he defeated LeBron in last year 's finals. Since that, Curry lead the Warriors to a NBA single-season record of 73 wins and becoming the first unanimous MVP in league history. In the beginning of this series, the Warriors has been dominating the Cavaliers by winning the first two games in double digits. This happened because the Cavs ' main stars such Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love was struggling. For LeBron James, he played one of his worst playoff games in his career in Game 2 by scoring 19 points, committing seven turnovers, and having a plus/minus of -20 on the floor. However, on Game 3, LeBron James has one of his best games of the series by scoring 32 points, having 11 rebounds, and being +24 on the floor. Even Kyrie Irving had a great game with 30 points, 8 assists, and being +24 on the floor. On the other hand, Stephen Curry was having good games by being +25 on the floor and averaging 17 points during the first three games in the series but was overshadowed…

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