Movie Review : The Self Lacing Shoe By Michael J. Fox Essay

1311 Words Oct 24th, 2016 6 Pages
I was reminded of the nostalgia film series, Back to the Future, when Nike recently unveiled their self-lacing shoe as a community tribute to the actor, Michael J. Fox, who played the infamous time traveler character in the movies known as Marty McFly. Having watched the movies as a child with my father a handful of times and hearing about the new shoes, I realized how our technology is vastly advancing to meet the movie’s reality with our growing technology. Think about it, we have Elon Musk to bow down to for his creation of self-driving cars that are intelligent enough to drive a person to a hospital when in crisis (The Huffington Post). Lexus, a car company, has invented a functional hoverboard that actually hovers above the ground (Lexus). Then the latest piece of Marty McFly’s God given gadget that I mentioned in the beginning, the no-hands self-lacing shoe by Nike (Wired). As the Doc would say for our future, "Great Scott!" Though, before you grab your wallet, some of the things I listed aren 't necessarily easily accessible to the general public at the moment, sadly. As much as we 'd like to ride on a hoverboard and crash into a pond like Marty McFly, they 're still in development and requires improvement before our reality becomes of Back to the Future. However, what if all of those wonderful gadgets I listed were easily available for access to all consumers and was everything we saw in Back to the Future? In that case, we’d all be placing ourselves in the shoes of…

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