Essay about Movie Review : The Pianist

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Each year Hollywood makes over 100 movies. These movies have many different genres; horror, adventure, and even historical movies. Historical movies are about a historical that has happened in History over the years, one of these movies is the The Pianist. The movie The Pianist focuses on the life of Wladek Szpilman during World War II and is both accurate and inaccurate in detail. This film is about the life of Wladek Szpilman, during World War 2. In the film the viewer learns some true and false things about what happened to Szpilman while he was trying to survive. The movie takes place in Poland right after the Nazis started to take over Warsaw. The movie shows the life of Wladek Szpilman and what he and his family, as Jews, go through as the Nuremberg Laws gradually become more strict. Eventually, he gets separated from his family when they are sent to a concentration camp and he must learn to live on his own while living in the Warsaw Ghetto. One day, he meets one of his former girlfriends, while he was working in the ghetto he was living in at the time. His former girlfriend and her husband help hide him, but unfortunately his neighbors find out that he is a Jew. His neighbors found this out when the Nazis were coming into the building he was in and found another Jew. Wladek fled in fear. One of his neighbors say him fleeing and yelled “He’s a jew, he’s a jew” until Wladek ran out of the building. He then has to run and hide, and fight to stay alive. He becomes a…

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