Movie Review : The Movie ' The Help ' Essay

1424 Words Nov 12th, 2015 null Page
The movie the help is about a group of maids and their relationship with a white female journalist. Rather than a movie about the dark racial past, the movie shatters some common stereotypes. The movie shows that in a time when Jim Crow laws were still standing that Caucasian Americans and African Americans can come together for a common cause. The movie starts off with Aibileen talking to Skeeter telling her about where she was born and what she does with the family she works for. In the movie the journalist, whose name is Skeeter, comes back from college and is hoping to become a writer.
Skeeter goes to the local newspaper company hoping to get experience so she can go to a major company in New York. She gets the job and is in charge of the cleaning column of the newspaper ad asks Aibileen to help her with is until she gets the hang of it and she agrees to. Skeeter asks Aibileen if she knew Constantine she said she did and that they were in the same church group. She goes and asked her mom about her again and finds out that her mom fired her and she gets upset and tells her mom that she was raised by Constantine and her mom gets mad. The movie goes into a flash back when Skeeter got advice from Constantine and not from her mom. They show Minnie working and it is raining bad and she has to use the bathroom and the older women tells her to use the one inside but the woman’s daughter told her to go outside and get a umbrella. But she decides to hold it and go get the…

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