Essay on Movie Review : The Movie ' The Help '

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Anymore movies are knockoffs of already previously written books, comics, or already shown movies. Very few movies are original anymore. Now some of those movies are not half bad. Some have actually become popular such as Batman Vs. Superman, Hungergames, and Divergent. Even though they are knockoffs of the original work; the movies become off the chart hits. One of those movies that have become timeless to people, and me, is the movie called The Help. The Help is a movie set in the time of after slavery, but the African Americans are still being mistreated. Many people reviewed this movie, including Dana Stevens. She says the movie is a comedy; that illustrates a horrible representation of the African American’s side of the situation.(Stevens 775-777). I agree with her and disagree. I believe this movie was an appropriate representation because the creator was Disney/Dreamworks, the split between the whites and blacks are equally shown with needed stereotyping, and the format is not set to just focus on the maid blacks, but also on the whites of the society; specifically the character Skeeter.

Disney and Dreamworks have worked together on great movies. Individually Disney and Dreamworks have made great pieces of work too, but both creators have made mostly cartoons or movies that are not cartoons but not serious either. If these two creators make a movie about separation, based off of a book, they are not going to make a movie that is completely serious. Yes, the movie…

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