Movie Review : ' The Film ' Essay

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The director could be considered the author of a film they make. The French denoted the term auteur for “Hollywood directors who they felt had created a distinctive approach to filmmaking while working within the Hollywood studio system” (33). Americans started picking up the term as well, and then famous directors with certain styles started being known as auteurs. The director’s style crosses over into their films. These are directors like Christopher Nolan, Wes Anderson, Spike Lee, David Fincher, etc. Their style could be coincidental or intentional. One director may be darker, while another is comical. The shot selection is usually consistent between a director’s style as well. An auteur may be the author of movies. Who deserves the credence as the author in a movie? The scriptwriter wrote the screenplay, should not she or he deserve the position as author of the story? The scriptwriter is the author of the script, and she or he should be proud of that, but the author of the movie is the director. The director’s vision is what ties in each aspect of the film, such as the writing, the funding, the cinematography, the production design, the sound, the visual effects, and the editing. All of these are fundamental to the film, and the director takes her or his unique approach on their vision. The director calls the shots, and makes the decisions. The film’s look is decided by the director. The screenplay is interpreted by the director, and it is the director’s job to…

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