Movie Review : Pay It Forward Essay

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Rhodus 1

Pay It Forward I choose the movie Pay It Forward for I feel this is a great example of leadership and how it can be applied in real life situations. The name in itself speaks wonders, we know it is a metaphorical statement but it has power. In the movie, Pay It Forward, a middle school boy, Trevor, is given an assignment and he turns it into a moral mission. He starts this ?pay it forward? mission and wants to keep it going. A reporter decides to investigate this action when he had totaled his own car and a lawyer gives him his Jaguar. The reporter was very intrigued by this action and decided to follow up and at the end of is trail of investigation, he found Trevor, the little boy who started this ?good deed? reaction. This was done by a cycle of good deeds to others and in turn these people are to return the good deed to someone else. Pay it forward is a great lesson anyone in a management position can use. Pay it forward has a positive impact on the town in the movie and can do the same in the leadership arena. Not only can this type of behavior have a positive effect on the employees but yourself as well. When you are feeling happy and positive it tends to radiant and others will see this. In turn, even if they do not use the pay it forward theory, they can still be touched and have a better outlook on life, especially on the job. Personally, I like one of the responses Trevor gave when being interviewed for television. He says, ?You have to…

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