Movie Review Of ' Last Night I Watched Shrek ' Essay

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Last night I watched Shrek the 3rd for the first time. I was curious in seeing whether an animated children’s film had useful messages with regards to mediation. To my surprise, there was a lot conflict in Shrek the 3rd, more than I thought a children’s movie would have. To start out, Charming was on track to becoming king at one point in his life before Shrek intervened. In the bar, where he was at first not accepted, he was able to rally the other individuals, who would be deemed the bad guy in every bedtime story, by first stating there is two sides to every story. This message stuck with me because it touched on how conflict happens between individuals all the time. As such, it is essential to hear both sides to every situation before making recommendations and or taking sides.
Often, conflict is inevitable because everyone has his or her own expectations on what should be or happen. Where there is conflict, there are high emotions, and these emotions overshadow reason. Since Charming was able to appeal to others, touch on the sensitive topic of being type casted as the bad guy because they’re generally misunderstood, he was able to get his point across without creating further conflict with his presence at the bar.
This scene showed that conflict can be avoided if certain steps, like appealing to similarities in life, can diffuse and angry crowd, like those ready to fight Charming in the bar. I think it is important to find your commonalties when you’re involved in a…

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