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Movie Review
Max reminds me of the type of movies I grew up with, wholesome and meaningful. Max is a precision trained military dog (Belgian Malinois) and his handler a United States Marine, Kyle Wincott, who serves together on the frontlines of Afghanistan. During a maneuver that went terribly wrong, Kyle Wincott was mortally wounded. Max was traumatized by the loss of his best friend, Kyle and was unable to remain in service; therefore, he is shipped stateside to Kyle’s family to recuperate. Max’s trauma was multiplied considering he witnessed Kyle’s so called boyhood friend, Tyler, shoot him; additionally, Tyler would have shot Max if the other soldiers had not shown up on the scene.
Kyle’s younger brother, Justin, who is on his way to becoming a delinquent, has lived in his big brother’s shadow with his father, (Operation Desert Storm veteran who lost a limb) Ray making it abundantly clear that he doesn’t live up to his expectations. Justin is the only person that Max is interested in building a bond with and with the help of his newly formed friendship with tough talking, tomboy Carmen, he learns to appreciate Max. Justin relinquishes his boot-legging video game business to devote time to learn to handle Max properly with Carmen’s guidance, who is a natural with animals. When his brother’s so called friend Tyler returns home, Justin notices Max’s disdain of Tyler and soon learns why. Justin’s growing trust in Max helps the four-legged veteran revert back to his…

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