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20) Halloween

Sure this movie did keep me on my toes but I really didn 't like most of the things that made it up. The movie did have a small budget but that doesn 't have to do with the grading of this movie. I didn 't like the direction, I felt like the direction of the movie was a bit slow it really doesn 't build up in till they first murder of the babysitter. I think that it takes to much time on stocking the main character. I felt like the movie had some weird shots of the most important sense like the panning out of the killer and the sense in the house. I think all the actors were terrible and not worth anything. They paid a lot 45% of their whole movie budget just so they can have “a big movie actor”. I think it stupid because all he did during the whole movie is try to find out they 're the killer was. He maybe had not even 20 minutes of screen play. This shows how over rated he was. I think the script and plot was okay but it needs work. I needs to show more people at harm and scare the pants off you. It kind of needs something to make you say wow. Like a cool prop or just something. The only thing I can say about this movie is the believability of this movie is pretty believable considering the fact that they 're just might be a crazy killer like that out there. You never know.
30 Days Of Night

I was not really into this film. I think that it was really bored…

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