Movie Review : ' Freedom Writers ' Essay

909 Words Nov 29th, 2016 4 Pages
All movies have a plot and a message. The theme and message is what pulls the watcher in. A good movie can make the watcher feel certain emotions. Some movies make the watcher feel happy, sad, on edge, or even empowered. When watching a movie like the Freedom Writers one can not help but feel some type of way. This movie can take it’s watcher on a trip in just 123 minutes. Movies are made to enrapture the viewer and have them asking for more. The Freedom Writers sure did that. This movie forces the viewer to have emotions running rampant throughout their brain. The Freedom Writers is also jam packed with life lessons. Even though the Freedom Writers was released in 2007 it has many lessons about dealing with racism that are still very relevant to today.
Freedom Writers is a movie that lays a lot of society’s problems right out in front of its face. One of the many ideas portrayed throughout the movie was racism. On a daily basis the students in this movie faced racial profiling and discrimination. The movie did a great job of portraying this racism in a school setting. The movie is based in multiracial school in California. The school is severely divided amongst race and many kids are affiliated with gangs. A new freshman/ sophomore English teacher came to the school and worked hard to help bring the kids together. Throughout Mrs. Gurwell’s first year, she worked tirelessly to transform her freshman English students into a family. Although the school was not working to…

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